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Over the last 2 weeks, I have taken the opportunity to remodel my studio/game room. Thanks to this process I have been able to reclaim a ton of space to work in and feel a heck of a lot less cramped. One of the final phases of this redesign is to wall mount as many of my consoles as I can to eliminate the need for the tower of doom I still have over in the corner. I went for function over prettiness since I plan to disassemble a portion of it in the coming weeks, don’t judge. I am starting with Microsoft’s latest and greatest, the Xbox Series X, and our new friends at Alienergy have supplied me with one of their new Advanced wall mounts to try out. Not only does it accomplish the task of attaching my Xbox to the wall, but there are also a few perks I managed to squeeze out of the device that has made me exceptionally happy!

The Alienergy wall mounts come in 2 flavors: Basic or Advanced. The mounts come in a standard brown box with only a single label denoting which version is inside. Inside the packaging of the Advanced version, you will find the basic mount plate for the Xbox, an advanced mount plate to allow forward-facing operation, a controller mount, a set of screws and other installation hardware, and finally an installation manual. 

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