A new Nintendo Switch is coming this October

Nintendo has announced the new Nintendo Switch that will be dropping this October. A new model with some exciting new enhancements–although it won’t be the “Nintendo Switch Pro” everyone was predicting.

It looks like we won’t see any performance enhancements this time around when it comes to the hardware inside. However, there are a number of new changes to what you see, including a new OLED screen with a thinner bezel, allowing for a little more screen space (now 7-inches vs 6.2-inches) without having to increase the overall size of the unit any.

As mentioned, there are no performance enhancements made to the hardware inside and the resolution of the screen will remain the same (sadly). The latter of which is surprising given the company made the move to OLED (720p seems like such a waste for OLED). Regardless, however, it should still result in a better image.

The same applies to output to a TV as this spec also remains as it was, at 1080p@60 (max). So you aren’t paying for a hike in performance. Just a slight upgrade in the quality of the screen used, a small upgrade in audio (the built-in speakers), 64GB of internal storage (vs 32GB), and an Ethernet port built into the dock.

The new Nintendo Switch OLED model will feature an MSRP of $349. It’s only a $50 jump from the current Switch, which makes it a reasonable upgrade for what you get.

You will likely want to jump on a pre-order opportunity when the time comes as there will likely be shortages that could make it hard to find one this holiday. Just like the current Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

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