Actors You Totally Forgot Were In Video Games

While many famous faces are key to a game’s marketing campaign, others go by unnoticed. Here are some surprising stars and their gaming counterparts.

Recently, popular movie and television stars are giving their voices, and even likenesses, to video games. Whether it’s Keanu Reeves in Cyberpunk 2077, or Vin Diesel in the upcoming Ark 2, a big name linked to a new release can often make up a significant amount of its overall appeal and marketing campaign. From Assassin’s Creed to Fallout 3, here are some actors fans may have forgotten were ever in a video game.

Sometimes, though, even the most famous of names can be overlooked. This is something that is especially true of older releases, when stars weren’t used to promote games as often as they are now. Because of this, some stars’ video game appearances may have been overlooked by fans.

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So, while modern games are being heavily promoted by their famous leads and unexpected cameos, here are some names that players may not have realized are already connected to video games – and some of these names have actually been part of gaming’s biggest franchises all along.

Kristen Bell as Lucy Stillman in the Assassin’s Creed Franchise

Kristen Bell as Lucy Stillman in Assassin's Creed

Famous for her roles in The Good Place, Bad Moms and Frozen, Kristen Bell also lent her voice and likeness to Lucy Stillman in the original titles of the Assassin’s Creed franchise. Players first meet Lucy when she’s an employee of Abstergo Industries, working alongside Dr. Warren Vidic on the Animus project.

At first, Lucy seems to be an ally, and a solid partner for Assassin’s Creed hero Desmond Miles. However, after Desmond comes into contact with the Apple of Eden, he is possessed by Juno, and Lucy’s true Templar alliances become known. This results in Lucy being quite suddenly, and heartbreakingly, killed off. Many have wondered if this abrupt plot twist was the result of Bell’s rising stardom and commitment schedules, although nothing has ever been officially confirmed.

Willem Dafoe as Nikolai Diavolo in James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing

Willem Dafoe in James Bond Everything or Nothing 2003

Willem Dafoe is set to voice a nameless (thus far) intruder in Annapurna’s upcoming 12 Minutes, but Dafoe is no stranger to lending his vocal stylings to video games, but one appearance may have been overlooked. In 2003, Dafoe starred opposite Pierce Brosnan and Judi Dench in James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing as former KGB intelligence operative Nikolai Diavolo.

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Often hailed as the James Bond video game that should have been made into a full motion picture, Everything or Nothing saw Dafoe in all his maniacal glory. Along with Heidi Klum’s Katya Nadanova, Dafoe’s character tries to wreak havoc across the globe using nanobot technology. Of course, Bond ultimately puts a stop to this before the credits roll, but Defoe’s performance still stands out.

Christopher Walken as George in True Crime: Streets of LA

Christopher Walken as George In True Crime Streets of LA

Unlike the previous two actors on this list, Walken does not lend his likeness to his character George in True Crime: Streets of LA, so fans can be forgiven for missing this particular performance. As the first cinematics of True Crime: Streets of LA begin to play out, Walken’s character can be heard narrating the opening dialogue. After hearing this famous voice, it is quite jarring to discover that the character behind the narration is actually the elderly and pot-bellied desk sergeant, George – a far cry from Walken’s own look. Regardless, George is a good companion to the player throughout True Crime: Streets of LA, acting as a voice of reason and compassion within the police station.

Sean Bean as Martin Septim in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Sean Bean As Martin Septim In Elder Scrolls Oblivion

Sean Bean is no stranger to the fantastical having starred in both Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones during his illustrious career. However, he also took on the role of Matin Septim in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Martin Septim, or Brother Martin, is the illegitimate son of Emperor Uriel Septim VII. Unlike other characters portrayed by Bean, Martin often comes across as self-deprecating and unsure of himself. That does not stop him from wielding impressive powers, however. Martin is skilled in the use of magic, as well as a sword and dagger in Elder Scroll Oblivion, making him a strong ally.

Liam Neeson as James in Fallout 3

Liam Neeson As James In Fallout 3

Liam Neeson plays James, or Dad, in Fallout 3. As the player enters the game, most unconventionally via the birth canal, they are greeted by Neeson’s character, proudly announcing to his wife the gender of their new-born child.  Neeson’s character stays with his child (the Lone Wanderer) in Fallout 3’s Vault 101 as a physician. However, as the game progresses, he decides to pursue his former research elsewhere, leaving the player’s character behind before the father and child duo are eventually reunited.

Each of these actors are pretty famous, which is why it may be surprising to find that they’ve starred in popular video game franchises like Assassin’s Creed and Fallout 3. As stars continue lending their likenesses and voices to video games, this list will probably only continue to grow.

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