Away: The Survival Series Adds PS5 Version

Away: The Survival Series was announced for the PlayStation 4 before other platforms were confirmed not long afterwards, and now, yet another version has been announced. The new game from developer Breaking Walls that lets players play as a sugar glider will also be coming to the PlayStation 5 now. This version of the game has been marketed as the “most immersive experience,” but we don’t yet know if it’ll utilize things like the DualSense as other games have in the past.

Breaking Walls and PlayStation announced the plans for the PlayStation 5 version in a PlayStation Blog post on Thursday. While offering some more info about the game that we’ve already seen showcased a few times, we learned that a dedicated PlayStation 5 version is indeed in the works and that the game will utilize the console’s specs to provide an enhanced experience.

“The PS5 version of the game supports our highest graphical setting, Documentary Experience,” said Breaking Walls marketing lead Taraneh Dohmer. “It leverages the PS5’s impressive specs to highlight every detail of a world designed to live and breathe and truly brings it to life.”

Other games that have gotten dedicated PlayStation 5 versions or have been released exclusively for the PlayStation 5 in the past typically take advantage of the console’s controller by utilizing the DualSense’s adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. One would imagine those features would be supported in Away: The Survival Series to some degree at least, but if that’s the case, Breaking Walls isn’t talking about those plans just yet.

What the developer did share beyond news of the PlayStation 5 version, however, is that there will be more than just sugar gliders to play as. While that’s been the main animal used in the game’s marketing, Breaking Walls listed a few more creatures people will be able to play as. Those critters include a salamander, beetle, frog, scorpion, spider, praying mantis, and “many others.” You’ll have to hunt down different creatures and sources of food when playing as the various animals and will have unique abilities to utilize while controlling them.

Other information on things like a photo mode and more was shared as well with all those details seen through the PlayStation Blog post. The developer also confirmed that the game will get a physical release.

Away: The Survival Series will release for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and PC some time this summer.

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