Battlefield 6 Alpha Release Window Potentially Revealed

Just a couple months back, Electronic Arts told fans that it would be holding an alpha phase for Battlefield 6 this year earlier than it ever has before for previously released installments in the series. This news made many fans think that the alpha could go live as early as May or June. However, according to one reliable insider, it doesn’t sound like either of these windows will prove to be accurate any longer.

Mentioned on social media recently, Tom Henderson, who has had many scoops related to Battlefield 6 in the past, shared that the alpha phase for Battlefield 6 will likely happen in July. Henderson didn’t share any specific date or window within the month when it might happen, but he said it could go live right after EA Play Live wraps up. “The Battlfield alpha should be July, with the announcement being made at EA Play,” Henderson said. “Could be [an] ‘Oh and the Battlefield Alpha is available to play right now’ type of deal at the end of the event.”

If you aren’t familiar with what EA Play is, it’s the annualized event that Electronic Arts holds to make new announcements associated with some of its upcoming titles. Just a few weeks back, EA revealed that EA Play 2021 would be happening this summer on July 22. So if we take into account what Henderson has said, it sounds like Battlefield 6 could be available for play closer to the end of the month.

While that still might seem kind of far off, EA and DICE have both already confirmed that Battlefield 6 will be shown off publicly before EA Play. While a date hasn’t been given yet, the game is set to be formally unveiled at some point this coming month in June.

As for formal release plans, there’s still not a lot that we know right now either. All that EA has confirmed is that Battlefield 6 will be launching later this year on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. Whenever we do end up hearing more about the next first-person shooter, we’ll keep you in the loop right here at our coverage hub.

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