Black Ops Cold War Glitch causes Xbox Series X owners to re-download All 200GB

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is a juggernaut in terms of its file size on Xbox. With texture packs, additional content, and updates arriving every other week, it’s constantly growing and evolving. Now, today’s update to coincide with Season 4 Reloaded is causing a lot of frustration amongst Xbox Series X owners, as some are reporting that the full game is requiring an entire re-download.

Reports on Reddit and Twitter have described users seeing update sizes of around 200GB. It’s a glitch that has happened before, but with the game’s size increasing, it’s becoming a more infuriating issue each time it occurs.

However, this doesn’t seem to affect every user. We’ve tried it across two consoles here at Pure Xbox, and one is asking for the 200GB “update”, while another is working properly, asking for the intended 11.4GB update.

In any case, it’s still crazy that the full package for Call of Duty in 2021 sits at over 200GB, taking up a huge chunk of internal storage. With many hoping to dive into Season 4 Reloaded today, we’re hoping this bug isn’t too widespread.

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