BPM: Bullets Per Minute Set To Shoot Onto PS4 and Xbox One

BPM: Bullets Per Minute is set to shoot onto Ps4 and Xbox One this summer thanks to the newly formed Playtonic Friends.

The utterly addictive rhythm shooter BPM: Bullets Per Minute is aiming to blow up the PlayStation and Microsoft Stores when it fires onto consoles this summer. Originally launched onto PC last year and something of a cult hit, the two-step shotgun-wielding first-person shooter brings dungeon-based shooter action to the table, but encases it in a world where every single move – every shot, every jump, and every dodge – is pulled off to the beat of an epic rock soundtrack.

As well as the game that launched on PC last autumn, console gamers will also be treated to all the additional content that has been rolled out by Awe Interactive since, including five brand new characters that let you play in a new unique way, three new weapons to encourage more killing of enemies to the beat, a brand new chapter with its own unique enemies, two new difficulty settings, and a mixture of brand new items, achievements, and assorted tweaks.

AS one of the first few titles to come out of Playtonic games new publishing arm, Bpm might seem an odd bedfellow for the same parent company that crafted Yooka-Laylee, but it seems that somehow it all came together with developer Awe Interactive noting that:

“When BPM: Bullets Per Minute hit PC, the response we got blew us away, and we were aware that many gamers out there were keen for us to bring our particular brand of bang-bang-to-the-beats action to PlayStation and Xbox,” says Awe Interactive founder David Jones. “We always had plans to support consoles, but we felt like we should treat it as a brand new release, however, and as a result, we looked for a partner to help us do these new platforms justice.”

Mixing the brutal movement of DOOM with the precision timing of DDR, what else could be better than running a procedurally generated dungeon as one of 10 powerful characters, taking down giant boss fights while arcing through the air, firing all manner of explosive implement, and letting off some game changing abilities, all to an epic rock soundtrack that conducts your every move. Check out more on the official website or take a glimpse at the trailer above now.

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