Build a skyship and explore an airborne open world in the Black Skylands playtest

Black Skylands is a retro-styled “skypunk” game about a woman named Eva on a quest for revenge against the raiders who murdered her father and destroyed her home. It blends elements of open-world sandbox games and top-down shooters, and is set to launch into Early Access sometime this summer—but if you’re curious, you can play it right now.

To get in, just head over to the Steam page and click the button requesting access to the playtest. After a relatively small download—about 170MB—you’ll be ready to take to the skies. The playtest kicks off with a very basic tutorial that pays no heed to the narrative, but that’s okay because, as the opening message notes, the story in the full game is going to be different from what’s in the demo anyway. Understandably in a pre-Early Access demo, there are a few bugs that you might run across, although the little bit I played seemed quite stable.

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