COD Warzone on Xbox crashing for some when loading into Verdansk

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Original story (from June 18) follows:

The COD Warzone Verdansk map had been destroyed a couple of months back during an end-of-season event that saw a nuclear bomb dropped on the battle royale’s fictional city.

Following its destruction, the map was replaced with its 1984 version with the onset of Season 3. This new version was meant to optimize gameplay and offer a wider variety of combat experiences.

But that’s a thing of the past as Season 4 just went live yesterday with 5 new multiplayer maps, 5 new Weapons, and some further tweaks to Verdansk in the form of new Points of Interests.

However, following the update, there have been several complaints from Xbox users stating that trying to load into Verdansk playlists causes COD Warzone to crash and take them back to the dashboard.

@ATVIAssist DM me. I need warzone help. My shit keeps crashing for anything verdansk. Rebirth works fine….uninstalled and reinstalled this big ass game twice and its still broken.

When you clowns gonna figure your sh*t out?? Your game is so broken I can’t even play warzone (verdansk) without this garbage game crashing. Your updates are absolutely atrocious.

Users have reportedly already tried basic workarounds for the COD Warzone Verdansk crash issue like restarting the game, the system, and even reinstalling the game to no success.

Thankfully, COD on their official Trello board yesterday marked the issue as being under investigation. Thus we should see a fix for it soon enough.

However, the issue has been labelled as being present only on Xbox, which is kind of odd considering that there have been a couple of bug reports from PC players as well.

Hopefully, Raven Software will be able to get to the bottom of the problem and resolve it across all possible affected platforms.

In the meantime, we will continue tracking the issue for further developments and will update this article accordingly so stay tuned to PiunikaWeb.


Update 1 (June 19)


We’ve seen a few reports wherein heading to the console’s Advanced Display Settings, followed by Video Modes to enable YCC 4:2:2 and disabling allow 4K did the trick for some. You may give this user-suggested workaround a try to see if it helps.


Update 2 (June 22)


Going by the information shared by one of the Redditors, disabling HDR 10 does the trick and resolves the issue. Here’s what the original poster says:

Go to Xbox settings, general, tv and display options, video modes, then uncheck allow hdr10. Restart your system after, and you should be good. I wasn’t able to play plunder or br for months and this fixed it. Hope this helps some people struggling like I was. Cheers!


Update 3 (June 23)


The new June 22 update is live for Warzone but there’s still no fix for the Verdansk playlists issue on Xbox consoles. The public Black Ops | Warzone Trello board indicates that the issue is still under investigation.


Update 4 (June 24)


Going by user-shared information, in case disabling HDR and 4K separately doesn’t work, disabling both appears to help. Here’s how to:

Disable HDR and 4k settings on Xbox.

Settings > general > TV options > disable 4k and HDR.


Update 5 (June 25)


The latest update has resolved the collision issues at Verdansk. Here’s what the release notes say:

Fixed additional collision issues with various elements across Verdansk allowing players to exploit/peek/shoot through them.

But the issue with players on Xbox getting kicked back to the dashboard is under investigation and still awaits a fix.


Update 6 (June 26)


An individual confirmed that they were able to play the Verdansk map for BR on the Xbox, however, they had to create a new Activision account to do so.

So in case you’re eagerly waiting to play the map, you can create a new account and try it out for the time being.

I created a new Activision account and now I can play Verdansk map for BR. Fix your game… cause now I have no weapons… Kezedek is my gamertag one Xbox (Source)


Update 7 (June 30)


Taking advantage of the situation, it appears that scammers are targeting those who complain about the problem by promising to fix the problem for affected users personally.

Needless to say, do not share your personal information or pay anyone online if they promise a fix for the issue. We’ve shared one such example below:




Update 8 (July 01)


The following user-shared workaround may help those affected. Here’s what the original poster did:

What I did was turn off the HDR setting through my TV. Then through my Xbox settings I went to general> TV & display options> advanced-video modes and I disabled the allow auto low-latency mode, the *allow YCC 4:2:2, the allow 4K, and the allow HDR10. After all that I restarted the game and was able to jump in Verdansk. Hope this helps!


Update 9 (July 03)


Even with the latest update that rolled out on June 30, the issue with Verdansk on Xbox still persists as confirmed by some users.

Can you guys make the “”Xbox dash boarding when loading into a Verdansk play list” issue a higher priority pls. trying to play with the homies. (Source)

Xbox one still doesn’t work for verdansk fyi (Source)


Update 10 (July 06)


According to the information coming from one of the Redditors, tweaking the loadout to Modern Warfare Primary can do the trick. Also, the combined change of the operator and weapon is what worked for another user. So those of you struggling may give these a try.


Update 11 (July 07)


It’s been a few weeks since the problem first popped up but the developers are yet to offer up any further details regarding the problem.

For now, it seems that the issue might just boil down to the high-resource demand from the Verdansk playlists which is why some confirm that turning of HDR does the trick.

An individual pointed out the same on Twitter as well:

VERDANSK IS LIKE 30 TIMES BIGGER. most consoles and pc’s couldn’t handle rendering such a large map without struggle. The average person cannot afford a pc powerful enough to render without issue. It’s not just “light changes” there’s actual graphical differences and quality changes, for example my rebirth on ps4 looks worse than jgods but still is better than verdansk and still looks really good overall. (Source)

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