‘Cosmic Top Secret’ Comes to Nintendo Switch, PS4 And Xbox One Next Month

Cosmic Top Secret is an autobiographical adventure video game about T. The player follows her journey to uncover the truth about her parents’ work with Danish Intelligence during the Cold War. What exactly was it that they did? 

You must control T on her uncertain journey into adulthood and an atomic war that never happened but yet wounded a family. Surreal elements, human relationships, history, and secrecy come together to form a complex gaming experience.

This unforgettable adventure was put together from 3 years worth of real video and audio footage from Trine interviewing her parents told in a storybook world made entirely of paper and cardboard.


Key Features:

  • An unforgettable true story: Join T and a cast of 30 unique characters on a journey of discovery as she seeks to reveal the secrets surrounding her parent’s roles within the intelligence services during the Cold War.
  • Hours of real video footage and audio: Cosmic Top Secret brings its true story to life through real video and audio recordings, as well as dozens of documents and files from the Cold War era.
  • Experience an incredible storybook world: Truth meets fantasy in a storybook world made entirely of paper and cardboard. Click to interact with environments and flick, float, roll and glide T on her journey.
  • Hours of gameplay: Uncover clues, complete the secret dossier and gather 400 collectables across 6 levels for hours of playtime.

Currenly available for PC (Steam), Cosmic Top Secret is coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One on May 21, 2021.

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