Dead By Daylight adds Naughty Bear Cameo in recent Anniversary event

Dead By Daylight has added two new cosmetic items as part of their ongoing Community Challenge event, one of which is a nice homage to the 2010 title Naughty Bear. The cameo comes in the form of a charm unlocked after entering the code “PIECEOFCAKE” into the in-game store and features a weathered figure of the signature Naughty Bear himself.

Now, you may be asking: What the hell is Naughty Bear? Honestly, I wouldn’t blame you.

Publisher 505 Games released Naughty Bear in 2010 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and iOS. The game featured a rather angry teddy bear that was not invited to a birthday party. So angry, in fact, that he ended up killing all of the other stuffed teddy bears in a murderous rampage. The gameplay revolves around using various items and environments to kill the teddy bears and was filled to the brim with the crude and absurdist humor that permeated the 2010s.

Unfortunately, not many outlets liked the game (including us here at PlayStation Lifestyle) with reviews generally hovering around mixed or below average. The developer also announced a sequel to the game in 2010 but scrapped it after the first game’s poor performance. However, that didn’t stop developer Artificial Mind and Movement, which later went on to rename itself as Behaviour Interactive and produce the massively successful Dead By Daylight. 

Recently, Dead By Daylight has been making waves by adding a variety of crossover content with some pretty big names. The most recent example is two new characters and a killer from Capcom’s Resident Evil, but past collaborations also include the likes of Stranger ThingsScream, Silent Hill, and many other familiar faces from the horror genre. Currently, Dead by Daylight is also holding a 5th-anniversary event in which players can receive free in-game currency as well as exclusive anniversary-themed skins and cosmetics.

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