Destiny 2 Hires Resident Evil Producer Peter Fabiano

Capcom producer and director Peter Fabiano is leaving Capcom after 13 years for a new role at Bungie, with fans curious what project he will take on.

Peter Fabiano, a former producer and director behind popular titles like Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil Village, has confirmed he is leaving Capcom to join Bungie. Bungie has been plotting ways to continue expanding the Destiny franchise for a while now. Back in February, Bungie revealed its plans to use its popular title Destiny 2 as a base to continue building on the success the sci-fi series has enjoyed since the game first released four years ago. This announcement also included confirmation by Bungie of a new leadership team intended to grow Destiny through alternative forms of media. The other major announcement centered on a non-Destiny video game being confirmed. As things stand right now, this unnamed game is expected to release within the next three years, before 2025.

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Fortunately for Bungie, there is nothing standing in the way of its future aspirations. Bungie parted ways with publisher Activision two years ago, leaving a frustrating partnership that featured disagreements about the long-term direction Destiny should undertake. Activision reportedly called for Bungie to release annual expansions for Destiny 2. Bungie preferred to offer players seasonal expansions instead of allocating time and effort to develop Destiny 3. It was already assumed by many that these ambitious plans would require multiple hires. Now Bungie has landed a high-profile name within the gaming industry to assist it with future projects.

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According to Forbes, Peter Fabiano confirmed yesterday that he is leaving Capcom after working there for 13 years as a producer and director. Fabiano also made the announcement via his official Twitter account. Fans of the popular Resident Evil series should be familiar with the name, as Fabiano contributed to its latest installment, Resident Evil Village, as well as its predecessor Resident Evil 7. He previously worked at Capcom as both a director and producer. Neither Fabiano nor Bungie has confirmed what his exact role is going to be at his new company. There has also been no confirmation on which projects he is being brought on to work on, but the quote “Eyes up guardian” included in Fabiano’s Twitter message does give a pretty strong indication that he will be involved in Destiny 2 to some capacity.

The current season, Season of the Chosen, is proving to be a hit so far. The new season is taking Destiny 2 in a new direction by incorporating some horror atmosphere in the first-person shooter. It features the Cabal, a species that will not rest until it has conquered other worlds. The Cabal is fighting against the Hive and needs Humanity’s help, giving players the chance to explore new worlds and team up with novel characters. The new season features exciting weapons like the Salvager’s Salvo.

Destiny 2 has new projects lined up for the near future. A new expansion called The Witch Queen is expected to launch sometime in early 2022. Perhaps Fabiano has been brought to the team to contribute to that. There are also plenty of fans who are convinced the new hire is going to work on Destiny 2 immediately. There is a lot of potential for the Destiny series, and it won’t come as a surprise if more well-known game developers make the switch to Bungie over the coming months.

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Destiny 2 is available on Google Stadia, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S platforms.

Source: Forbes, Peter Fabiano


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