Dying Light 2 will hit stores on 7 December

(Pocket-lint) – Dying Light 2 has been a long time coming – the game was announced a long while ago now, but was hit by a delay of unclear length around a year ago, and has been basically AWOL in the intervening time.

Now, though, developer Techland has resurfaced to give the game almost a second unveiling – including a new title. It’s now Dying Light 2 Stay Human, although the core of the game looks similar to what we’ve seen before.

We also now have a new release date for the title – December 7th, 2021. It’ll release on PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC all at the same time, so no one is set to miss out. 

The nice, extended new gameplay trailer, which you can view above, also took some time to give a few more glimpses into the world Dying Light 2 takes place in, where civilisation is even more unrecognisable than it was in the first game. 

Once again players will be parkouring around (although there’s a short glimpse of a handglider, too), and the melee combat looks as impactful as ever, with dismemberment all over the shop. 

It looks beautiful, too – whether it can live up to that level on old-generation consoles will be interesting to discover, though. The game is up for pre-order now, as well, including a lavish collector’s edition that includes a wide range of goodies, so be sure to check it out if you’re a Dying Light afficionado. 


Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.

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