Elden Ring Reveal Rumored To Come At E3 2021 Xbox Presentation

The long-awaited Elden Ring reveal is rumored to arrive at the E3 2021 Xbox Presentation, and it might confirm it to be an Xbox exclusive.

The world may get to see FromSoftware’s largest game to date, Elden Ring, sooner than expected. The love-child of George R.R. Martin and Hidetaka Miyazaki has been drumming up hype for a while, and despite being announced during E3 2019, the game’s release date is nowhere to be found. Elden Ring’s webpage on Bandai Namco’s website left the release date blank, and there has essentially been radio silence regarding the game’s development. However, a new rumor could have confirmed an Elden Ring reveal is incoming and might have Xbox exclusivity.

Elden Ring rumors have covered every inch of the game – from potential release dates to gameplay – and since FromSoftware has been very quiet about its latest game, those rumors have driven up tremendous hype for the game. A previous rumor from an industry insider claims that there will be four playable classes and PvP multiplayer in Elden Ring, with systems similar to those present in FromSoftware’s Dark Souls games. With a leaked trailer and plenty of rumors, the game has garnered a lot of attention. Now, a new rumor could have confirmed when FromSoftware will finally open up about its epic fantasy title.

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According to Twitter user Idle Sloth, Elden Ring will receive a worldwide reveal trailer on June 14, 2021, likely during this year’s E3 event. The image shown presents the date of Elden Ring’s reveal, as well as the developer and publisher of the game. What it also shows is a singular Xbox logo, most notably leaving out both PlayStation and PC logos altogether.

E3 2021 will be as inclusive as ever, especially since the event will be streamed through an online virtual conference. Many upcoming game releases will be revealed at this year’s event; however, Elden Ring’s appearance has not previously been confirmed. While the source is 4Chan and could potentially be a ruse, it may also be genuine confirmation that Elden Ring will finally see the light of day sometime soon. E3 is known for being the home of unexpected and often momentous reveals for the gaming industry, and Elden Ring is among one of the most anticipated games of the current generation.

The image that made its way to Twitter from 4Chan might have also unveiled that Elden Ring will be an Xbox exclusive, or will at least be tied more heavily to an Xbox release, and could potentially arrive day one on Game Pass. The Elden Ring web page says that the game will come to most platforms, including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC – but this may be subject to change. It’s possible when Elden Ring details are finally shared, news regarding when and how it will release will be revealed as well.

Hopefully, PlayStation fans aren’t left in the dark when Elden Ring is released. The truth of this rumor should be subject to scrutiny as it hasn’t been confirmed by any official websites or industry insiders. However, Elden Ring has been in development for quite some time and perhaps FromSoftware is ready to showcase its in-depth mythos.

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Source: Idle Sloth/Twitter

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