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Final Fantasy XIV is one of the biggest RPG series present to date. The game got its initial release in 2010 and since then it has changed in countless different ways. The end result is a game that is completely different from what it initially turned out to be. Over the course of the past 10 years the numerous changes that were made boosted the games popularity. The balance changes and content updates flocked in hundreds of thousands of players, making it one of the most successful release in the Final Fantasy franchise. How does the game fare against newer titles? This article is all about it. Does the graphics hold up in the new decade? Is the game worth it for new players? If this seems like your slice of the pie take a quick read through.

What is Final Fantasy all about?

Final Fantasy is a MMORPG. MMORPG stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing game. The game is played online with other players around the world. This means everyone shares the same playing field. As with most other RPGs that exist, the game has a storyline. The storyline however is quite important to the progression of the game. This is loaded with quests that mark milestones in you beating the game.

There is a class system that functions more or less as the limitation for your character. It decides what your character can do and cannot. The classes of the game are quite basic when you look at it, but the actual development takes a deep dive in complexity once you progress. The class system is more or less the most deciding factor in the game as your entire game plan and grind revolves around it. The stronger your character gets the better. There are different classes such as Healer, DPS and Tank for you to choose from. These matter a lot later on when you are busy clearing dungeons to obtain loot and also during PVP duels.



The storyline of the game is quite linear. The different content updates have added a lot of new paths that the player can explore to learn more about the world they are playing in. But as we mentioned before, the game is more rewarding for the player if they follow the quests. Which means completing the story is a must. But don’t worry, the story is absolutely massive. The amount of quests that the average beginner needs to complete in order to catch up to the current players is quite significant. It is certainly not something that can be done overnight. But most importantly, it is completely do-able; so it is definitely not a waste of time.

All different expansions and releases

  • 2.0 “A Realm Reborn” — 27th August 2013
  • 2.1 “A Realm Awoken” — 26th December 2013
  • 2.2 “Through the Maelstrom” — 27th March 2014
  • 2.3 “Defenders of Eorzea” — 8th July 2014
  • 2.4 “Dreams of Ice” — 28th October 2014
  • 2.5 “Before the Fall” — 20th January 2015 & 31st March 2015
  • 3.0 “Heavensward” — 23rd June 2015
  • 4.0 “Stormblood” — 20th June 2017
  • 5.0 “Shadowbringers” — 2nd July 2019
  • 6.0 “Endwalker” — Fall 2021…?

Final Fantasy’s world

Before we take a peek at the characters that are present in Final Fantasy XIV it is important to know a bit about the world that they reside in. This chapter takes place on a planet known as Hydaelyn. The planet has four main continents known as Aldenard, Othard, IIsabard and Meracydia. But there also exists a separate realm known as Eorzea. This is the place where most of the story takes place. Known as “ The land embraced by gods and forged by heroes”.

When it comes to inhabitants, there are five main races. In addition to them, there are also the beast tribes which also make up a large portion of the world’s population. There are minor races that you will discover along the way. There are 10 major nations in the world along with 7 other minor nations, all ready to be explored.

The story will follow the main plotline and the player will have to complete the paths to finish the game. However, all progress outside the main arc of the story depends solely on the player’s choice of activity and paths taken in decisive moments.

Now to the characters

The main character of the 14th chapter is the Warrior of Light. He is known around the realm in many different variations such as the Hero of Eorzea, the Slayer of Gods, the bringer of light and the Warrior of Darkness to name a few.

Source: FFXIV Official Trailer.


The personality of the character is mainly dependent on the player and how they wish to create him. Players have the freedom to create their own character personality, which we believe is an important aspect of MMORPG. If it is something that requires hundreds of hours of game time and grinding to complete, it is best to be stuck with something that you like.

But we found something really interesting about the character. If you are playing Final Final Fantasy XIV fresh off the bat, then you will have to start the game as a fresh adventurer that is looking to advance their story. But if you are starting the 14th chapter as a continuation for the realm reborn version, then you will begin your game as one of the original adventurers. These adventurers went missing in the battle of Carteneau. Quite a nice touch and we got to give that to the developers.



After starting the story, you will be picked up by the Seventh Dawn in whichever region you started out on. Your entry into their ranks is a significant plot point in the story as the warrior has a special ability known as Echo. This allows him to come in contact with the primals without having any fear. He also has the Blessing of Hydaelyn.

The story will follow the main plotline and the player will have to complete the paths to finish the game. However, all progress outside the main arc of the story depends solely on the player’s choice of activity and paths taken in decisive moments.

Size, voice, weight, lot of options to create your character. Source

The gameplay

The most important aspect of any game and it becomes even more significant considering FFXIV is a RPG. The gameplay decides whether those hundreds of hours of playtime is going to an enjoyable pastime or a chore.

The game has so much content. This is something that is common with most Final Fantasy chapters but this is always worth mentioning. There is so much to discover in the fantasy world that you are plunged into. If you are someone that is entirely new to this series, this will be an absolute treat. Learning the lores and the impressive history behind the game’s storyline is enlightening.

Character progression and quests.


The game gives a lot of space for character customisation. Not personality-wise but in terms of gameplay. There are over 8 races that you can choose from. Not to mention over 15 different classes that are available for the player at start. Thanks to the job system that is present in the game, the player has the ability to level up every class present on a single character. Which also translates to, you don’t need 10 different characters to experience some diversity in gameplay.

There are a large amount of mini-interactions in the game. Mini-interactions are what we call the aspects of the game that give it a flavour. Playing a game over hundreds or thousands of hours can become repetitive and tiresome. The mini-interactions give you a small break. These mini-interactions can come in the form of special side-quests and mini-games to free your mind. Players can even marry in-game.

Is the game casual-friendly?

Final Fantasy being an RPG, its beauty comes from the fact that it is up to you to decide whether you want to be a casual in the world or an elite. Everybody has to follow the same storyline, this is the place where casuals can take their time and enjoy the game. Come back home after a hard day of work? You can always do a few side quests to enjoy some fantasy-based fun. But the hard grind comes later on. This is what we call late game content. The elite players live for this moment, as it acts as the decisive line between a casual and a hardcore gamer. Ultimate difficulty raids are an example of it. Of course casual players can play a watered down version of it to prevent themselves from getting stressed out.

Equipment and talents.

How are the graphics?

The graphics of the Final Fantasy XIV are some of the best out there for an MMORPG this old. Considering that the game got its realm reborn release in 2013, the graphics are way better than what you would expect. There are obvious limitations for the game in the graphics side of things considering that the entire package is running on an age-old engine.

But there might even be surprise for players as developers are hinting on giving a boost to its graphics soon. But even without it, the graphics are still enjoyable. There aren’t any pixelizations or weird animations so that’s a big plus. If we want to talk about where it can improve, the texturing and view distance is a good start.

Videos and sequences are just amazing! From the trailer source

Is it worth playing?


The game got a fair bit of content updates over the past year to keep everyone playing and the community for this 6 year old game is still strong as ever. If a game can keep a stable player base for this long, they have to be doing something right. Naoki Yoshida, the director of Final Fantasy XIV has even stated that he wants to bring this title to the PS5. Which means even more updates and more playable content. Final Fantasy XIV has been here for years and by the looks of it, it is not going anywhere anytime soon. Another expansion will be released this year, just can’t wait!!!

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