Fortnite low resolution cosmetics issue on Nintendo Switch

For years, Fortnite has managed to be one of the most popular online battle royale games. In 2018, the popular title was ported over to the Nintendo Switch.

Ever since its release on the Switch, players have either loved it or absolutely hated the port.

Epic Games recently updated the Nintendo Switch version of Fortnite that claims to improve the game’s overall performance. Developers also added that the update had increased the game resolution by a bit.


However, things have turned ugly (literally) ever since the update came out.

Several players have reported that they are seeing low-resolution Fortnite cosmetics or textures on the Nintendo Switch.

I love how every 5 days Fortnite pumps the item shop so full of crap that the textures don’t even load, like I want to see what I’m buying in terms if skins specially pointing out the fact that so many skins have issues with physics that I don’t want to buy a skin where the bangs go right through their forehead and the necklace vibrates because I couldn’t see the physics when buying it. (Source)

As far as I know nobody is talking about how beach Brutus has no tattoo on the back of his head. Does anyone know anything about this? Graphics tho. (Source)

However, the issue affects only character skins in the locker room. But they do look completely fine once the game starts.

Players quickly took to the internet and shared a glimpse of how low-res the Fortnite cosmetic models are on the Nintendo Switch.

Below, you can take a quick glimpse of how it looks and how it should be.


Low-res graphics


Normal graphics

While it does not make the game unplayable, it is quite annoying if you want to check out the skins you own.

Fortunately, Epic Games has acknowledged the issue and even suggested a temporary workaround which involves restarting the game.

The company also added the issue to its Trello board, suggesting that a fix for the low-resolution cosmetics issue in Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch is in the works.

Have you experienced the low-res cosmetic issue while playing Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch? Share your experience in the comments!

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