Game Builder Garage’s Newest Video Shows How You’ll Make Games

Have you ever wanted to make your own game? Well, Nintendo is making it a bit simpler with its upcoming programming game Game Builder Garage. A new video reveals exactly how you’ll create your very own game on the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo attempts to simplify game design with Nodons. As described in the video, these helpers “live inside the Nintendo Switch system and each has its own role to play in building games.” Essentially, the Nodon are customizable objects, characters, and actions you will place on the dedicated game space. You simply connect Nodons together to program the game. For example, you can attach a stick Nodon to your person Nodon to add movement to your playable character.

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While the process seems simple, it seems there are tons of design possibilities with Game Builder Garage. Just in the video, we see a range of genres, spanning from platformers to Picross. There are even multiplayer options so you and a friend can play and create together.

Even though Game Builder Garage simplifies game design, there are still a few hoops you’ll have to hurdle through in terms of understanding the if/then conditionals. Luckily, there are seven guided lessons to aid you in your quest to create a video game. As seen in the video, these tutorials are called Tag Showdown, Alien Blaster, Super Person World, On a Roll, Risky Run, Mystery Room, and Thrill Racer, each of which will teach you something useful for when you design your own game.

Once you’ve mastered the interactive lessons Game Builder Garage has to offer, you can use the Free Programming mode to fully customize your own game. This allows you to use a range of different Nodon, as well as change the background music draw pictures for your project.

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Once you’ve created something you’re proud of, you can share your creations via local wireless or online. It is mentioned you will need a Nintendo Switch Online membership to use the game’s online features.

Game Builder Garage is set to launch on June 11 for the Nintendo Switch.

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