Gamesir X2 Bluetooth Mobile Controller Review: One of the Best Mobile Controllers Available

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The rise of mobile games over the last few years cannot be ignored.While lot Besides shovelware from the Google Play store, there are some really great games.Given what Microsoft is doing Xbox game pass Cloud streaming, the number of great games is increasing. However, most of these games are not designed with touch controls in mind. I made it for the controller. Therefore, when playing them, you should choose a mobile controller for the best possible experience.

When I recently tested GameSir’s latest product, the X2 Bluetooth mobile controller, I was immediately impressed (not surprisingly) with the significant improvements in mobile game quality. Inspired by the Nintendo Switch, the X2 wraps around and holds it in the center, so you don’t need a separate controller clip.It Is Controller clip. While this design is convenient, it also has drawbacks that keep you away.

Gamesir X2 Bluetooth Mobile Controller

Conclusion: Gamesir’s X2 Bluetooth mobile controller is extremely versatile and is a great companion for both Android and iOS. Depending on how often you use the Nintendo Switch, you may have trouble laying out your face buttons.

Good things

  • Fits most mobile phones with a case
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Easy pairing
  • comfortable

bad person

  • Face button placement
  • No vibration motor
  • Not suitable for shooters

Gamesir X2 Bluetooth Mobile Controller: Price and availability

Gamesir X2 Bluetooth Mobile Controller Cross Key

Source: Jennifer Locke / Android Central

Gamesir launched a Bluetooth model of the X2 mobile controller in May 2021 for $ 60. This is slightly cheaper than the USB-C model. Like most gaming accessories like this, you can find them on Amazon, but they don’t seem to be listed yet by other retailers such as Best Buy and Walmart. The Bluetooth model is dark gray only.

Gamesir X2 Bluetooth Mobile Controller: How is it

Gamesir X2 Bluetooth Mobile Controller with Phone

Source: Jennifer Locke / Android Central

X2 Bluetooth is compatible with most mobile phones, regardless of model or brand.

Unlike other mobile controllers, which have a limited number of phones supported, X2 Bluetooth is compatible with most devices. The best gaming phone — Regardless of model or brand — up to 173mm in length. Also, because it connects via Bluetooth, you don’t have to worry about removing your mobile phone from the case each time you use it. I have a fairly thick phone case for the Galaxy S10, so removing it can be a hassle. With the X2 Bluetooth controller, I didn’t have to. Being so small and insignificant is a great help in terms of ease of use.

There’s no USB port to physically connect the phone to the controller, but the clamps are solid enough to make your phone always feel safe, whether in or out of the case. Thanks to the rubber grip, my phone never slipped. Still, I’m a nervous person, so I don’t think I’ll use the X2 without a smartphone case. There is also a rubber pad on the back of the X2 to prevent your hands from slipping.

At least in my experience, Bluetooth connections need to be very careful, so I was happy when it was easy to pair. All I had to do was hold down the home button and the “A” to start pairing with my phone. When paired for the first time, it will be paired almost instantly every time you turn on the power. I didn’t have to configure or troubleshoot Bluetooth. This is not true of other accessories tested in the past. Pressing a button in the Xbox Game Pass app menu could take a second to register, but there was no noticeable lag in the game.

The design itself, which features a red / blue thumbstick reminiscent of the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con in a dark gray case, is also attractive. There is also a screenshot button that works well in the lower left corner of the controller next to the four-way controller. I think the thumbstick is a bit too small, but it also comes with a thumbstick grip that solves this problem. It is highly recommended to use this. And because it is so light, you can use it comfortably for a long time.

Gamesir advertises that it will have about 20 hours of play time before it needs to be recharged, which is realistically promising. It comes with a small USB-C cable and can be fully charged in a few hours. Equipped with an LED indicator when the battery level is low.

This feature isn’t really needed, but it supports what’s called the turbo combo feature, which you can use to achieve faster attacks in-game. Players can customize the face button, trigger, and bumper combo frequency to increase or decrease.

Gamesir X2 Bluetooth Mobile Controller: Things that need improvement

Gameir X2 Bluetooth Mobile Controller Face Button

Source: Jennifer Locke / Android Central

I didn’t know this would be a problem until I actually had an X2 controller, but if the face button layout is the same as the Xbox controller instead of the Nintendo Switch, it could be mainly the A and B buttons. there is. I was used to holding down the switch and pressing A on the right side, so I accidentally pressed B on X2 and always returned from the menu. If the A button is at the bottom, it’s too close to the right thumbstick and it’s hard to use. The layout of the Nintendo Switch would have been better.

I never thought that there was no vibration motor until I used it in the game. I’ve mainly tested the X2 using the Xbox Game Pass for Android, but titles like Skyrim and Fallout 4 use vibration to unlock, making these small tasks much more difficult. Become. For most titles, this doesn’t affect the gameplay experience, but I was surprised and found it worth noting.

This may be “my problem”, but I don’t think this type of controller is suitable for shooters. I think the same is true for Nintendo Switch. I find it incorrect, especially when trying to aim in the first person. If you’re playing something like Call of Duty Mobile, you’ll want to opt for a phone clip for your Xbox or DualSense controller.

Gamesir X2 Bluetooth Mobile Controller: competition

Razer Kishi on display at CES 2020

Source: Russell Holly / Android Central

Gameir’s most notable competition is probably Razor KishiMany consider Kishi to be the best product when it comes to mobile controllers with unmatched build quality. Like the X2, Kishi is designed like the Nintendo Switch. One of the biggest drawbacks is that it costs $ 80 to $ 100, depending on the model you buy, and you can’t leave it in the case when using your cell phone.

If you’re interested in what Gamesir offers, but don’t think the Bluetooth controller is right for you, we also sell about the same USB-C model.Is Gamesir X2 USB-C It eliminates input delays and, in my opinion, has a nice face button layout like the Nintendo Switch.

Gamesir X2 Bluetooth Mobile Controller: Should I buy it?

Gameir X2 Bluetooth Mobile Controller Phone Case

Source: Jennifer Locke / Android Central

You should buy this …

  • If you play a lot of mobile games and don’t want to use a regular controller
  • If you need a mobile controller compatible with many phone models
  • I want to keep my mobile phone in the case
  • I don’t want to spend more than $ 80

You shouldn’t buy it in this case …

  • I like the layout of the face buttons on the Nintendo Switch
  • It is recommended to use a regular controller with a vibration motor
  • I want a USB-C connection

Most people who are crazy about mobile games will find Gamesir’s X2 Bluetooth controller really useful. To be honest, this is probably one of the best mobile controllers available today. It’s cheaper than Kishi and offers a similar experience. However, the layout of its face buttons may take some getting used to, and Bluetooth connectivity isn’t suitable for everyone.

Of 5

I really like the design of the X2. Lightweight and comfortable, it holds your smartphone securely with or without a case. Aside from minor complaints, it’s easy to recommend at this price. I haven’t played many mobile games before, but I can’t imagine playing them without X2, such as the Xbox Game Pass and Stadia for Android.

Gamesir X2 Bluetooth Mobile Controller Recorder

Gamesir X2 Bluetooth Mobile Controller

Conclusion: The Gamesir X2 Bluetooth controller eliminates all complaints about touch control. Offering a cheaper price than the Razer Kishi and offering a similar experience, it’s one of the best mobile controllers on the market today.

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Gamesir X2 Bluetooth Mobile Controller Review: One of the Best Mobile Controllers Available

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