GDC Survey Finds PS5 Is The Preferred Console Among Game Developers

According to a state of the industry survey conducted by GDC, the PS5 came out on top as the preferred console among video game developers.

The survey gathered data from more than 3000 developers around the world, and found that PC topped the votes with 58% of votes. However, the PS5 performed strongly by coming in at second place with 44% of the votes, followed by the Nintendo Switch with 38%.

The Xbox Series from Microsoft brought up the rear with 30%, although there’s also a lot of interest in VR technology, which took 27% of votes. Unsurprisingly, PS4 and Xbox didn’t fare too well, with Sony’s older machine taking 12% and Microsoft’s last-gen console account for 13%.

At the bottom of the pile came Google Stadia and PlayStation Now with 6% and 4% of votes, respectively.

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Finally, in regards to future projects and what console they are being developed for, the PS5 came out on top for home consoles with 27$ of the overall votes followed by Xbox Series with 24%.

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