Genshin Impact PS5 Update 01.510.000 Features Optimisations, More Stable Frame Rate

Developer miHoYo has released the Genshin Impact update 01.510.000 for PS5 users to download, which is a new optimisation patch for the game.

Sadly there’s no official Genshin Impact patch notes doing the rounds yet, but we do have an idea of what the update does via Facebook user Sato Kazuma. Once the official notes arrive, we’ll be sure to update this article.

After 7 long months miHoYo finally released a pro console optimization patch, it’s upgrade 1.51 with size of a little less than 500 mb. Faster charging screens, fewer mini-freezes and FPS more stable especially in combat and cities, overall the game is much more fluid and better to play.

Genshin Impact was released for PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch in September 2020, and launched for the PS5 just this week. You can read our review of the game based on its launch version here.

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