Green Hell gets set for Xbox and PlayStation

The critically acclaimed Green Hell has been delivering Amazonian survival experiences to PC through Steam for a good couple of years already. Now though, on the back of a showing at the Future Games Show, it’ll soon be coming to Xbox and PlayStation with a release window now confirmed. 

Come June 2021 Green Hell will hit Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and PS5, giving console players the opportunity to head to the Amazon rainforest and get on with the survival matters at hand. And when you consider the game has already hit 1.5 million players on the PC, it’s pretty exciting to see a console drop. In Green Hell danger lurks at every corner, with the team at Creepy Jar having created a hyper-realistic experience. Since launch in 2019 on PC, Creepy Jar have continued to add content to ensure that the dangerous depths of the Amazon are able to deliver an utterly robust nature. You see, they’ve thrown in a Story Mode, they’ve added a cooperative option for up to 4-players, and they’ve listened to their player base to ensure that their community are kept happy. It’s certainly a happy community too, with no less than 24,000 very positive reviews kicking around on Steam. That’s not a bad ratio at all, is it!

And that community will now also include Xbox One and PS4 players, and whilst the game will be playable on Xbox Series X|S and PS5 too, a proper next-gen upgrade for those consoles is also on the cards. 

If you haven’t played Green Hell, features include: So, will you be heading to the Amazon when Green Hell opens doors to Xbox and PlayStation? Let us know in the comments below or via the usual social channels. And of course, once a release date is known, we’ll bring you it – stay tuned.

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