House Of The Dead Remake’s Details Have Seemingly Leaked

The House Of The Dead Remake is on its way and though the zombie game remake has plenty of secrets, new details have recently leaked.

A Twitch stream has leaked details regarding MegaPixel Studio’s House of the Dead Remake, including some potential for the game to release beyond the Nintendo Switch. More than a month after the House of the Dead trailer dropped, fans are curious as to what new features and gameplay mechanics will arrive alongside the remake of the more than two-decades-old zombie game. Though gameplay, audio design, and visuals will remain intact from its original iteration, it is still undergoing a full-blown makeover with updated graphics, audio, and gameplay features. Though it’s staying true to the original, there are plenty of new things to anticipate – and fans are anxious to learn what.

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First released by Sega as a cabinet arcade game, House of the Dead was a rail-shooter that brought the zombie genre back from the dead. The first game released back in 1996, spawning a franchise with four sequels spanning multiple decades. House of the Dead 2 and 3 saw ports on the Nintendo Wii, and House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn found its way onto modern consoles with positive reviews. The original game, however, has not truly seen the light of day since its pre-2000 release, but MegaPixel Studios and Forever Entertainment are finally bringing the remake to life.

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In an interview streamed on Twitch by FragmentsofSilicon, Artur Gregoznyc from Forever Entertainment spoke about House of the Dead Remake, detailing many secrets about the game. The game is being built on the Unity Engine by MegaPixel Studios, the same engine that is used to develop the Panzer Dragoon reboots.

House of the Dead will have a new Horde Mode that consists of “15 times the number of enemies” in certain areas, creating a rapid-fire experience tailored to zombie slayer veterans. The game will also include unlockable characters and a redesigned UI, modernizing the 1996 arcade shooter. Gregoznyc also revealed that there will be an HD rumble for shooting and plenty of new gameplay settings for players to fiddle with. On the Nintendo Switch, House of the Dead is expected to run at 60fps while docked and 30fps while handheld, with both modes running at 720p.

The interview also revealed a well-kept secret for House of the Dead. The publisher is looking into releasing the remake on consoles beyond the Nintendo Switch, including a likely Steam release at some point. MegaPixel is also working on a remake of House of the Dead 2, which is considered the best in the franchise. The sequel remake will be sold separately, and there is no confirmation when it will release.

There is plenty to forward to, especially for fans of the arcade-style shooter. Since falling out of favor by mainstream gamers, new arcade shooters, particularly rail shooter games, are far and few between. House of the Dead will be able to scratch that itch for old-fashioned gamers and those willing to try slaying zombies from a new angle.

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Source: FragmentsofSilicon/Twitch

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