How to fix Xbox Series X|S Xbox 360 backwards compatibility home screen error

Xbox Series X|S boasts backward compatibility with all previous generations of Xbox. That’s pretty impressive where console hardware is concerned, but early adopters are having trouble accessing Xbox 360 games specifically. This is a big issue as Xbox leans on enhancing older games as one of its main features.

Xbox Series X|S | Launching 360 games returns to home screen fix

Here’s the simple Xbox Series X|S Xbox 360 backwards compatibility home screen error fix:

  1. From the Xbox Series X|S home screen, navigate to Settings.
  2. Select the System section, then Storage.
  3. Finally, choose the “Clear local Xbox 360 storage” option.

One of the major selling points of Xbox Series X|S is their unparalleled level of compatibility within the console market. Not only do the machines play games from several generations ago, but many of the supported titles look, play, and load better than ever. It’s very unfortunate, then, that some users can’t play Xbox 360 games on Xbox Series X|S. When attempting to launch an Xbox 360 game on Xbox Series X|S via backward compatibility, users can be automatically booted back to the home screen.

The above fix should get players back up and running until Microsoft rolls out a more permanent fix.

By navigating to Settings > System > Storage > Clear local Xbox 360 storage on an Xbox Series X|S console, the Xbox 360 backwards compatibility issue will be fixed. The Xbox Series X|S back compact home screen error solution comes straight from Microsoft; although this is a handy workaround, hopefully, the Xbox maker will address the problem with a dedicated console update.

Xbox Series X|S early adopters are also having issues with DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K Blu-ray playback. Throw dark gameplay captures and a broken EA Play app into the mix and the launch is pretty much par for the course. At least the issues all have solutions, each of which can be found at the relevant link.

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