“I couldn’t believe it,” Oklahoma man arrested in 2018 for unreturned video game rental from 1997

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Another Oklahoman says he was arrested in 2018 for felony embezzlement for not returning a video game rental in 1997.

“I couldn’t believe it,” George Goure said.

Goure says he was at work at Tinker Air Force Base in 2018 when he got pulled over for speeding. The officer arrested him for having a felony warrant, which surprised him because he’d had top security background checks for the Air Force.

Goure had to look on OSCN to see why he was arrested.

“Was I supposed to scan my name in OSCN every year to make sure some weird crap didn’t pop up that the FBI didn’t find?” he said.

Goure ended up spending a night in the Oklahoma County Jail, waiting for extradition to Cleveland County.

Luckily, his family bailed him out.

“The whole time I was thinking, ‘what a waste, this is such a waste of resources,’” he said.

Court records from 1997 say he “feloniously embezzled” the “NBA Hang Time 64 Game” valued at $79.99 from a store called “4 Star Video.”

The Cleveland County Assessor says the last record of that store was in 2001.

Goure was able to get the case dismissed, but now he hopes it doesn’t happened to anyone else.

“What kind of system is that, why can’t it be fixed, why can’t we go through this system and say, ‘hey, people have felony warrants for movies they didn’t return in the 90’s.’ Let’s get rid of that​,” he said.

Now, Goure is hoping to get it expunged.

Former Cleveland County District Attorney Tim Kuykendall says in this case, the charge may have been entered into the system incorrectly.

He also says filing charges for unreturned rentals was quite common at the time. Back then, it was a felony to steal anything over $50.

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“A merchant would bring a charge to our office, someone in our office would screen it, not me as the elected DA, but someone would screen it, and decide whether or not the charges would be filed,” he said.

Kuykendall says there could be hundreds of other cases like this out there, not just for VHS or video game rentals, but for bad checks as well.

If you want to check if you have a warrant, you can look on OSCN.net.

It’s also a good idea to get an attorney to deal with it.

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