In-game teases appearing for Apex Legends’ Season 10 Legend

With Apex Legends Season 9 barrelling to a close and Season 10 likely to start at the beginning of August, fans are beginning to wonder when they’ll get the first reveal of Apex’s new Legend – rumoured to be named Seer. As of this weekend, teases for the Season 10 Legend have begun appearing in-game at certain areas – making them sound like a flying moth-man.

The teases appear at a couple of locations in the game’s Olympus map, including on the bridge of the Icarus ship. The little teases are small gold boxes that, when activated by any player, release a cute little Destiny-like gun charm and a large symbol of a moth spreading its wings.

It definitely seems related to the ongoing ‘The Moth and the Flame’ story the official Apex Legends Twitter is revealed, of which Chapter 3 came out yesterday. The story tells of a princess who falls in love with a man who gets burned at the stake by her parents, but like a moth to a flame she follows him in. Heavy stuff, and the story’s not over yet.

Every character who activates the tease seems to offer a different hint to the new Legend – and all confirm that they are male. Wattson directly references the ongoing story, saying the new Legend’s “mother was a moon and his father, a moth.” Valkyrie, on the other hand, is more concerned that the new Legend may be able to fly.

Other than this, we only know bits and pieces about the new Legend – other than the rumoured name of “Seer”. Season 10 in general is a bit of a mystery, despite probably only being two weeks away at this point. It’ll get a ranked Arenas mode for sure, and Crypto will be getting a buff, but otherwise we’ll just have to wait and see for now.

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