Is Nintendo Going to Announce a New Switch at E3 2021?

The annual award ceremony takes place in June, but will this prove an opportunity for Nintendo’s console reveal?

A blue, red, and black Nintendo Switch.

E3 2021 is going ahead, and Nintendo is confirmed to make an appearance. Taking center stage at arguably the world’s biggest gaming event, will Nintendo finally unveil a new Switch?

Why Will Nintendo Announce the Switch Pro at E3 2021?

We’re expecting a new Nintendo Switch to be revealed by the end of this year, and there are a few standout reasons Nintendo might announce its new console at E3 2021.

Though we haven’t got a confirmed name yet (E3’s happening might change that), Nintendo may well call it the Switch Pro. But, name aside, will Nintendo announce its new device at E3 2021? Let’s see why they might…

E3 2021: The Perfect Opportunity to Reveal New Hardware

A docked Nintendo Switch, playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

With E3 2021 going virtual, there’s the potential that this might be the largest reaching E3 yet. With exciting gamers all over the world tuning in—for free—to see the latest announcements in gaming, it makes sense for Nintendo to reveal something special.

Of course, that “something special” could be a gigantic game reveal, such as spilling more news on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, which would fit given 2021 marks Zelda’s 35th anniversary.

But it wouldn’t be a bad move to reveal a new Switch, perhaps even alongside more BotW 2 news.

E3 2021 Fits Nintendo’s Release Cycle

The Nintendo Switch came out in 2017. Then the Switch Lite appeared in 2019. It makes sense, given those releases, for a new Switch to come in 2021, another two years later.

With the original Switch now four years old, it doesn’t sound unreasonable for Nintendo to announce a next-gen Switch during E3 2021, showing off how it has built upon its hit console.

A Relatively Quiet Nintendo Direct

With a relatively quiet Nintendo Direct back in February, perhaps Nintendo was saving its major announcements for later in the year.

If that is the case, then E3 2021 lines up perfectly, providing a huge platform with which to break the news.

Using the last few months to ensure everything’s running smoothly, perhaps Nintendo is looking at E3 2021 to mark its big announcements and reveals, including that of the Switch Pro.

Why Won’t Nintendo Announce the Switch Pro at E3 2021?

A Nintendo Switch with its Joy-Con controllers detached.

As exciting as it is that Nintendo could reveal its latest Switch at E3 2021, there are a couple of reasons it might hold off on showing anything just yet.

Semiconductor Shortages

The ongoing semiconductor shortage has seen tremendous problems within the gaming industry, namely in the production of the PS5 and Xbox Series S/X.

It seems like Nintendo might experience a sales slump because of the ongoing semiconductor shortage as well. With gamers still looking to buy the Switch worldwide, Nintendo could have its back to the wall for the rest of the year trying to meet that demand.

Though Nintendo seems to do fine currently, you can’t help but think if this impacts the production and announcement of the Switch Pro.

Is Nintendo Learning From Sony and Microsoft’s Mistakes?

If there’s one lesson Nintendo would have learned from watching the release and subsequent nightmare that was the launch of PS5 and Xbox Series S/X, it’s that releasing a console during a pandemic might not be wise.

Regarding the pandemic, though the situation is looking up, and by the end of the year could see drastic improvement, E3 2021 might still be too early for Nintendo to announce a new Switch.

Learning from its peers’ missteps, could Nintendo be saving the announcement of the Switch Pro after E3 2021 for later in the year?

Are You Excited About a New Switch?

Person playing with a docked Nintendo Switch.

Though there are reasons both for and against Nintendo announcing a new Switch at E3 2021, there’s no denying it would make for an extremely worthwhile event if it does.

The Nintendo Switch is a resounding success, and it’s exciting to imagine what improvements Nintendo has come up with and when its new console finally arrives.

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