Life of Fly 2 twists and turns on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

It was only as 2021 came around did we find the opportunity to delve into the minds of insects, with Life of Fly. Already though, just six months later, the sequel is here. And Life of Fly 2 promises to throw you in to a series of new short stories, all focused on the life and times of different flies. 

The premise of Life of Fly 2 is no different to the game which birthed the idea, just this time instead of 12 short stories to play through, we get to go one better with 13. Each of these will focus on a different fly as it works its way through the environment at hand, attempting to get a grasp on what has happened to them and why they are there. 

A philosophical bunch of tales, Life of Fly 2 is unlike any narrative flight game before it, except of course its predecessor. With a host of unusual content to play through, twists aplenty to enjoy and many an intriguing element to take in, if you enjoyed what was present in the original Life of Fly, you’ll not want to miss this one. 

You’ll find Life of Fly 2 present and correct right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, with the Xbox Store providing access to the download you are looking for. It’s priced at £8.39 which is a fair bit cheaper than the first game – perhaps the development team at EpiXR Games noticed our review and took note. 

Keep an eye out for some thoughts and a full review in regards how Life of Fly 2 on Xbox plays out too. If you decide to pick this one up, let us know what you think about it.

Game Description:

Life of Fly 2 features 13 short stories each revolving around the lives and weird thoughts of different flies. It’s a reflection on human society and our daily life.

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