Los Santos Tuners update adding New Social Space and Activities

Grand Theft Auto Online announces its newest update, featuring street racing, highly tuned cars, and an all-new social space for players to meet up.

Rockstar Games has announced the newest update coming to Grand Theft Auto Online, called Lost Santos Tuners. The update brings a lot of new content to the game, including an entirely new social space for Grand Theft Auto Online players to meet up.

Grand Theft Auto Online has received numerous updates since its release in October 2013. Previously updates have added new activities, locations, weapons, or missions and races to Grand Theft Auto Online. The continued support by the developers is largely what has allowed Grand Theft Auto Online to maintain its popularity over the years, and its newest update will please any fans of the game’s many cars and races.

The biggest addition in the Los Santos Tuners update is the Los Santos Car Meet. The new social space allows players to meet up in an underground warehouse while showing off their best-customized vehicles and participating in races and events to build their reputation. Higher reputation opens access to exclusive customization options as well as new vehicles, special events, and even the ability for players to hold their own private car meets with their friends. Of course, the update will also bring a variety of new cars that may change up the list of Grand Theft Auto Online‘s best vehicles.

The update also brings a number of new street races to Grand Theft Auto Online, including some entirely new race modes. Head-to-Head sees two players facing off in a short race, while Scramble sees up to four players are competing to be the first to collect 20 checkpoints with no set path. Time Trials will also be available on the new Test Track in the Car Meet that lets players try to beat their personal best times with their tuned vehicles. The update comes after Grand Theft Auto Online added new content just a week ago.

The Los Santos Tuners update will likely be very welcome among Grand Theft Auto Online‘s sizable player base that loves customizing and racing the game’s many cars. The update does come ahead of Grand Theft Auto Online‘s shutdown on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 later this year. It will be very interesting to see how the updates change when they no longer have to support those older consoles. While many Grand Theft Auto fans are eagerly waiting for news on Grand Theft Auto 6, it is good to see that fans are still getting new content in Grand Theft Auto Online to tide them over until then.

Grand Theft Auto Online is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions are available until December 16, while PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S versions are currently in development. The Los Santos Tuners update is available on July 20.

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