Mario Kart 8 Fans Celebrate the Game’s Anniversary by Demanding a Sequel

May 30th marks seven years since Mario Kart 8 released on Nintendo Wii U. While the game performed well on the console, it wouldn’t become a massive success until a few years later when it was ported to Nintendo Switch as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Unfortunately, the game’s continued success has seemingly meant that Nintendo is in no hurry to make a new entry in the series. There have been rumors about a ninth Mario Kart game in development, but that isn’t enough for fans that have been waiting seven years for a wholly new Mario Kart. In honor of the game’s anniversary, many took to Twitter to ask Nintendo for a new entry in the beloved racing franchise.

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Keep reading to find out what fans are saying about Mario Kart 8!

Fingers are crossed.


Some would just settle for more DLC…


…even if it’s existing content!


I would take a remastered Double Dash in a heartbeat!


Some are skeptical it’ll happen.


None of us did!


Hopefully, it’s worth the wait!


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