Mass Effect: Legendary Edition - Top 5 changes we love!

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is an excellent compilation of the first three Mass Effect games, adding a bevy of gameplay and visual improvements. From smoother gunplay to better graphics, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition attempts to take these beloved sci-fi RPGs and update them to a modern standard. Out of the three games included in the package, the first Mass Effect has received the most improvements, and we couldn’t be happier with the resulting product.

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As we blasted across the galaxy in the Normandy space-cruiser and investigated mysterious alien planets, the updates helped the game feel fresh and invigorating where it could’ve grown stale. From barely noticeable changes to complete gameplay mechanic overhauls, a lot has changed in this new Mass Effect compilation. Here are five changes we absolutely adored in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

The Top 5 Changes We Love in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

1. Better Graphics

First and foremost, the improved graphics of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition are truly impressive. While the first Mass Effect has seen the most improvements out of the three, Mass Effect 2 and 3 still look cleaner and more refined. All three games run very well on both last-gen and next-gen hardware, hitting target frame rates with ease. Combat feels more explosive, characters display more facial emotion, and the entire trilogy has a more cohesive visual vibe. Although the games looked good enough on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition really ramps things up.

This is especially true for the first Mass Effect, as the original’s visuals were decidedly aged and rough around the edges. In Legendary Edition, the first Mass Effect looks sleek and glossy, with better lighting, character models, and more. Some areas have been modified for easier navigation, such as the base on Noveria and the Citadel. The visual improvements are most noticeable during your treks to uncharted planets, which provide a rich amount of variety. From the combat effects to the atmosphere of exploration, the graphics in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition are a complete win.

2. No More Weapons Restrictions

There are a handful of classes to pick from in Mass Effect, and while each has its own strength and weakness, you no longer have to worry about what guns you’ll be able to use. In previous versions of Mass Effect, certain character classes had weapon restrictions, preventing you from using guns that didn’t vibe with your selected class. For instance, the Adept class was not able to use the sniper rifle, leaving them under-powered in long-range fights.

Thankfully, this is no longer an issue, as every character-class can use every gun, with no restrictions to speak of. That said, some classes will still perform better with specific weapons, mostly due to the game’s leveling system. However, you’re free to run around with a shotgun, pistol, assault rifle, and sniper, no matter what class you pick. This makes it much easier to experiment with your abilities and have fun with combat, as you won’t need to worry about your tactical disadvantages.

3. Improved Mako Handling

If there was one standout issue with the first Mass Effect that really annoyed fans, it was driving around the Mako combat vehicle. When you venture out to uncharted planets, the Mako is your lifeline, allowing you to drive over mountainous terrain and fend off aggressive hostiles. Unfortunately, the Mako felt really awkward to control in the original release, resulting in dozens of moments of frustration. Luckily, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition has made some significant changes to the Mako, offering a breezier and more enjoyable ride.

Almost every aspect of the Mako has been altered, from the vehicle’s physics to its weapons and firing capabilities. An extra speed boost has been added, making it easier to climb steep hills and navigate craggy cliffs. Even if you go careening off a mountain, it’s not as big of a deal, as environmental damage to the Mako has been significantly reduced. Even better, you’re free to use the Mako’s powerful cannons to wipe out enemies with ease, as there is no longer an experience penalty for using them. Overall, the Mako feels better than ever before, making many of the side-missions more enjoyable.

4. Shorter Elevator Rides

Besides the awkward Mako controls, there’s one other thing that is the bane of Mass Effect fans — elevators. Especially in sprawling Citadel in Mass Effect 1, elevators are used as a disguise for loading screens, which occasionally resulted in painfully long rides. Luckily, since Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is more refined and available on next-gen systems, the length of these elevator rides has been shortened by a considerable length. Elevator rides that previously took a minute or more have been reduced to just a few seconds, offering a quicker trip across the board.

While this is a small improvement, the amount of time it saves is staggering. When you consider how many elevators you have to ride when completing side-quests in the Citadel, the shorter load times are a godsend. In addition to the quicker elevator rides, you can also skip the optional dialogue during these segments, further shortening your trip. After spending hours of our life inside the elevators of Mass Effect, we’re ecstatic to see them less.

5. DLC Galore

As you would expect from a game that totes itself as the “Legendary Edition”, this Mass Effect compilation includes all the previously-released DLC for all three games. The only disappointing exclusion is Mass Effect 1’s “Pinnacle Station” DLC, which was unable to be added due to corrupted source code. Besides this unfortunate omission, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition offers all the extra worlds, bonus missions, and optional party members right from the start, allowing you to play through the content at your leisure.

Unlike most other DLCs, Mass Effect’s additional content is integrated into the core experience, adding dozens of hours to the already lengthy games. You won’t have to complete a certain amount of missions or beat the game to play the bonus content, as everything is unlocked from the get-go. This is a huge bonus, especially for Mass Effect 2, letting you boost your party’s power before embarking on tougher missions. The DLC in Mass Effect 3 also helps flesh out the narrative, offering a more detailed story with better information.

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