Metal Max Xeno: Reborn coming to Nintendo Switch in 2022

PQube and Kadokawa Games have revealed that their open-world vehicle-combat Japanese role-playing game Metal Max Xeno: Reborn is coming to Nintendo Switch.

Set on a devastated world known as Dystokio, you will play as Talis as you search for other survivors who wish to join you in your fight back against the machines.

With the fate of the universe in your hands, you must unite the remaining survivors and recruit them to your party where you can put their different skills to use in battle. You can have up to three teammates along with your battle dog Pochi, who can be levelled up, learn new skills and join the firefight as a fourth party member.

Metal Max Xeno: Reborn will release at retail and on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2022.

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