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The Nintendo Wii was a console that established some of the trends that still persist today in the company’s ecosystem, one of the most popular being the creation of the customizable avatars known as Mii’s. Due to its social nature, Nintendo found that Mii cartoon fits perfectly into the RPG template and in 2017, Mythopia In the 3DS, the game is defined by three aspects: a high degree of aesthetic customization, rampant accessibility in RPG mechanics and comprehensive management of relationships between party elements.

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Since it has already become a recurring feature, Nintendo Switch has just received the Remastered from Mythopia, Produced by Grezzo, and despite introducing some new features, it’s still a somewhat unusual decision, considering the impressive catalog that 3DS maintains.



Mii is distinguished by its aesthetic simplicity and this simple premise transverse the skeleton that forms all aspects Mythopia. Starting with the story, a villain known as Dark Lord steals the faces of residents MythopiaA fictional world in which these faces are transferred to monsters.

Mi World (Swimming)

Mythopia It is a turn-based RPG where the player has the option to create his character as well as the appearance and name of all the characters who will have an active role in the narration. As the game progresses, new buddies join the team and choose their class and character. As an example, the best magic attacks are for a magician, the warrior is the most balanced in terms of attack and defense, and the thief steals items from the monsters. The personality of each member is also important in dynamics Ceremony. A stubborn character is able to attack twice in a row or refuse to be healed, a wary person can secretly keep the element of life restoration and a kind person does not hesitate to share the items. Depending on the characters, a relationship between the elements can flourish or transform overnight.

Beyond the future: The social networking site Facebook | Twitter | InstagraM

Although they have up to four members at a time, they only control the main character. If they wish, they can select the Autobattle option and allow battles to run their course, which is always generated by the console. If you need an organ to recover, you can put it on a file Safe place. In addition to fighting, they will have to work on relationships. It is not uncommon for them to rest in hostels and here they can develop chemistry between characters.

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