Miitopia Players are Creating Amazing Miis Based on Joker, Spider-Man, Hank Hill, and More

Miitopia isn’t coming to Nintendo Switch until May 21st, but a demo for the game released earlier this week. The demo gives players access to the game’s Mii Creator feature, and fans are already making use of it in a very big way! Miis first appeared in the Nintendo Wii era, but haven’t been used as much over the last couple console generations. However, Miitopia‘s Mii Creator feature puts them back in the spotlight, offering players robust options for creating in-game avatars. Just a few days after the demo’s release, social media has been inundated with new Mii creations. It feels like the Nintendo Wii era all over again!

Given the role social media seemed to play in the success of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Miitopia become a similar success on Switch. Clearly the game is already attracting a very big audience, inspiring creations like the Joker, Spider-Man, Hank Hill, and more.

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Keep reading to see what fans are creating in Miitopia!

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