Minecraft Update 1.17.10 Adds Candles, Axolotl Fixes

Earlier this year, Mojang announced that they would be splitting the upcoming Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update into two parts, mostly along the line of “new world generation” and “everything else”. Completely rewriting how the world is built is a monumental task, after all.

The Caves & Cliffs update part one rolled out on Switch in June, bringing axolotls, goats, glow squid, and a host of new blocks, including copper and powder snow. Update two is due in the “holiday season”, so some time towards the end of 2021. In the meantime, the Caves & Cliffs part one stuff is trickling down to the Bedrock version like water down a dripstone, and the latest addition is candles.

Here’s how the Minecraft official wiki describes these waxy boys:

  • Crafted with honeycomb and string
  • Comes with 16 dyed types and a yellowish non-dyed type
  • Can be lit by any item that produces fire
  • Up to 4 can be placed in a single block, similar to sea pickles, for a maximum light level of 12
  • Only candles of the same color can be placed on the same block
  • Only one can be placed on an uneaten cake and lit
  • If any of the cake is consumed, the candle pops off

If you’re a fan of decorating houses in Minecraft, you’re going to love this one.

In slightly less exciting news, a few bug fixes and general quality changes have been added, including a few changes to the texture of blocks to match the Java Edition, improved loot in Bastion chests, and tweaks to how the new mobs work. Axolotls have new hitboxes and a more convincing “play dead” animation, and goats have reduced fall damage.

There are some new splash texts on the game screen as well:

  • “[this splash text has been delayed until part 2]”
  • “Contains simulated goats!”
  • “Home-made!”
  • “There’s <<a cat on ,my keyboard!~”
  • “The cutest predator you’ll ever meet!”
  • “Now you are thinking with pistons!”
  • “Get to the coppah!”
  • “Board game version also available!”
  • “Honey, I waxed the copper!”
  • “Plant-based light sources!”
  • “Made by “real” people!”

Update 1.17.10 is available right now, so get candling!

Which Caves & Cliffs update is the best one so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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