MTG Strixhaven cards worth money

A new Standard-legal set, Strixhaven: School of Mages, officially launched on April 23, showcasing less than a handful of Magic: The Gathering cards worth money.

Utilizing enemy color pairs connected to the five colleges of Strixhaven University, the new STX set has created new meta opportunities across multiple Magic formats. Unlike previous MTG Standard-legal set releases, only a few cards are worth money at the time of release. 

Cards like Beledros Witherbloom have impacted the Commander format, ranking it as the STX card worst the most money at around $18.50. Others have impacted the Commander format, along with Standard, but have yet to showcase any long-term value. 

Here’s the four MTG Strixhaven cards worth money.

Beledros Witherbloom

Image via Riot Games

The Elder Dragon of Witherbloom College within Strixhaven University has its own Command deck, ranking Beledros Witherbloom as the most expensive card in STX at launch. His casting cost seems too high for Standard, but the dragon is a bomb in Limited. Beledros Witherbloom is priced at around $18.50 and should remain valuable for the time being. 

Professor Onyx

Professor Onyx STX Liliana
Image via Riot Games

Lilianna returns as a Planeswalker in STX, utilizing the new mechanic Magecraft. The professor at Strixhaven University has already found a home in Sultai Control within the Standard format, along with several Commander builds. Priced at around $16, Professor Onyx might drop slightly with the launch of STX

Galazeth Prismari

Image via Riot Games

Similar to Beledros Witherbloom, Galazeth Prismari is an Elder Dragon that has its own Commander deck. The dragon has also played well within UR builds. Despite Galazeth Prismari’s popularity in UR, the dragon dipped to around $14 at the STX launch. Galazeth Prismari’s future value remains uncertain. 

Wandering Archaic

Wandering Archaic STX
Image via WotC

Wandering Archaic is a Rare Avatar that is seeing gameplay in the Commander format. The Avatar maintained its value leading up to launch, priced at around $11. Unless Wandering Archaic gets played in other Magic formats, it’s unlikely to remain above $10 for too long. 

Prices of Magic cards are subject to change on a daily basis. This article will get updated following an established STX meta, or at the launch of the next MTG Standard-legal set.

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