NexTemplo Nintendo Switch gaming kit provides all you need for connectivity and charging » Gadget Flow

Game on the go with ease using the NexTemplo Nintendo Switch gaming kit. This four-in-one setup gives you pretty much everything you need to connect your console to your favorite Bluetooth earbuds or speakers. And it also lets you play in tabletop or TV mode wherever you go without brick charging. Boasting a charging dock that’s 10 times smaller than the official Switch dock, it makes portability a breeze. Moreover, you’ll enjoy low-latency Bluetooth audio thanks to the 32 bit RISC audio codec that provides latency below 60 ms! Furthermore, this kit comes with a 4K plug-and-play HDMI cable that gives you better resolution than your 1,080p dock. As if that wasn’t enough, the four-in-one kit comes with versatile gaming earbuds that provide stable connectivity up to 49 feet away. They also boast IPX5 waterproofing and 11 hours of playtime. You’ll truly enjoy everything NexTemplo offers.

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