Nintendo Fan Creates Nintendo DS Switch Online App Mock-Up

While Nintendo Switch Online only offers free NES and SNES games currently, one fan imagines what it could look like if it added DS games to the mix.

Although Nintendo Switch Online comes with a fairly strong selection of classic titles included with a subscription, most would agree that the service’s offerings fail to compare to the Virtual Console of past Nintendo systems. There is definitely room for the library of free titles to grow, being currently limited to a number of NES and SNES games, and one fan has illustrated one way Nintendo could do that with a concept for a Nintendo DS app.

With over 154 million systems sold across its lifetime, the DS remains not just Nintendo’s best-selling system of all time but the highest-selling handheld gaming console as well. The dual-screened successor to the long-running Game Boy line opened the door to a wide range of gaming experiences thanks to its introduction of touch controls, bolstered by an impressive amount of critically-acclaimed games. Given that legacy, it’s understandable that many nostalgic fans would love to see these classics find new life on Nintendo’s current handheld.

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To that end, Twitter user TheNCSmaster recently unveiled their concept for a Nintendo Switch Online DS app, sharing mockups that show off what such an app could look like in action. In addition to a home screen icon and bootup screen, they put together a menu full of DS games for hypothetical subscribers to access, as well as a mockup of how the original New Super Mario Bros. could conceivably display both screens on the Switch’s single screen.

Utilizing the same clean interface as the service’s NES and SNES apps, the mockups make a compelling argument for Nintendo to add the DS to the lineup. However, the inclusion of particular games like The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story raises the question of how these games, whose gameplay relied heavily on both touch controls and the dual-screen setup, could possibly work on the Switch. TheNCSmaster acknowledged this problem in response to a comment, though they figure it could be addressed similarly to how it was done with last year’s Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection.

Of course, since the service’s current games are emulated, odds are Nintendo wouldn’t be able to simply do the same with DS games and would instead have to modify each game separately to get it to work within the constraints of the Switch. Whether it would see it as a worthwhile endeavour remains to be seen, but either way, many Switch owners agree that Nintendo Switch Online is in need of some new features besides new NES and SNES games.

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