Nintendo Switch ‘Pro’ Announcement Reportedly On The Way

The rumor mill has been going like the clappers for at least the last two years regarding the potential of a new, upgraded Nintendo Switch being in the works. Well, it seems that the miller is due to get a well-earned break, should a new report from Bloomberg turn out to be true.

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The outlet claims that, according to their sources, Nintendo will commence production of a new Switch within the next two months, with the console hitting retail at some point in September or October. The new device will allegedly feature an improved screen and will support Nvidia’s DLSS technology, which essentially allows games to run at a virtualized higher resolution, meaning that titles can maintain greater detail and provide higher framerates without turning the device into a portable ball of fire.

An official announcement on the Switch Pro (which will likely be named something way more confusing than that) is expected to occur before E3 commences on June 12. This is apparently to prevent Nintendo’s own E3 presentation from being bogged down in hardware talk. Also, it would mean that third parties who are working on titles that support the upgraded model would be free to disclose the fact during their own presentations without indirectly letting the cat out of the bag.

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We’ll have more information on the new console as it continues to trickle out.

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