Old Rockstar Racing Game Briefly Shows Up on Steam Before Being Pulled Again

Mysterious things are happening under Rockstar’s roof, as the company has been making some unexpected changes to its Steam gaming portfolio earlier this week.

More specifically, Rockstar has for some reason decided to delist all its games from Steam in a totally surprising move, and while no information has been provided on this, it was most likely a mistake because the company just brought back all titles to Valve’s platform quite quickly.

But on the other hand, one of the names that were included in this relisted group of games on Steam is Midnight Club 2, a racing title that launched back in 2003 and which has been removed from the platform some three years ago.

And what’s even more unexpected is that some gamers actually managed to buy it from Steam again, though Rockstar noticed the mistake quite quickly and then pulled Midnight Club 2 one more time.

As if this blunder wasn’t enough, the Midnight Club confusion continues this week on the Xbox Marketplace. As it turns out, Midnight Club Los Angeles: Complete Edition, a game that made its debut back in 2009, is now available for Xbox 360 owners once again, and some have even managed to purchase it too.

Midnight Club: Los Angeles was officially launched in 2008, while the Complete Edition landed a year later, and both versions were removed from digital stores many years ago.

No official information has been provided on what exactly is happening, but don’t be too surprised if Rockstar pulls the Xbox listing as well in the coming hours.

On the other hand, it’s worth noting that no Midnight Club version showed up in the PlayStation Store, and the Steam listing still unavailable at the time of writing. So if you’re trying to buy Midnight Club 2 on Steam, all you’re getting is an error telling you the game has been removed at the request of the publisher.

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