PC gaming on Linux: how hard can it be?

For PC gamers there is one defacto operating system: Windows 10. It’s pretty easy, really, you build or buy a swanky gaming PC, slap Windows 10 on it, and go get a coffee while Steam downloads your library. Then you just load up and off you go. 

It’s not exactly that straightforward, but you get the picture. The price of hardware isn’t the only reason that Mac gaming isn’t a bigger deal. But on PC you can also install Linux, and in recent times Linux gaming has strong support from the likes of Valve alongside the thriving community. 

For me, I’m in the position of trying to learn Linux but also love gaming. So how hard can it be to combine the two? Not nearly as bad as you might be thinking.

(Image credit: TechRadar)

Which Linux distro to choose?

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