PlayStation service PSN reportedly down; Players face WS-37398-0 error code

Over the past 24 hours, many people reported having issues with the PlayStation Network (PSN). As reported by The Verge, the PS Now service suffered an outage that affected the multiplayer games and PS Now store services. The outage was not limited to a location, meaning people all around the world faced this problem. Read on to know more about why was PSN down. 

PSN Down On April 27

The PSN issue was first reported by the official Twitter account of Japan, where they admitted that the PS Network was suffering some connectivity issues. Many people complained on Twitter and Reddit about the issues. As per The Verge, the issue lasted about an hour before it was resolved. At the time of writing this article, the PSN Status shows the service up and running. Players can now continue to do download games from the PSN service and play multiplayer online. 

As per PSN Status Page, the PSN server outage affected the following categories of PSN service – account management, gaming and social, PlayStation Now, PlayStation Video, PlayStation Store, and PlayStation Direct. All these services were marked in red for an hour, meaning they suffered from the outage. During the outage PlayStation users had difficulty checking leaderboards, using the PlayStation app, and playing multiplayer games. 

As per Dotesports, many players experienced the PSN error code WS-37398-0 on their PS 4 and PS 5. This error code appears when there are network outages for the PSN services, and players are unable to access online and multiplayer services. This is not a fault with your gaming console, but rather a software/ server connectivity issue from Sony’s end. All you can do is wait out until PSN Maintenance deals with this issue. 

About PS Now 

PS Now or PSN is a new cloud-based service by Sony to enable PC players to access every game available on PlayStation devices. All you need to do is download the PSN pc app and get a hold of a PS controller. You play the game directly on their cloud servers and all your progress and achievements are saved online. It’s very similar to how Google Stadia works. So, if you have a computer and still want to access PlayStation exclusive games, PS Now is a great option. Additionally, there are more than 700 free games you can choose from when you subscribe to PS Now. Stay tuned for more information on PlayStation and gaming. 

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