Prepare yourself for another possible PS5 restock today

We could be staring down the barrel of another PS5 restock today, April 29; if trends hold, Walmart should get a drop from around 3pm EST. While that’s not guaranteed, the retailer has been pretty consistent in Thursday deals up until now. And hey, it’s worth a try. Right? 

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If the PS5 restock does happen at Walmart today, you’ll want to be signed in ahead of time and ready to go with your payment details from around 3pm EST. There’s bound to be a lot of traffic landing on the site, so you don’t want any holdups that could potentially get in the way of you and a console. 

If the PS5 restock doesn’t happen today, don’t worry. Best Buy will be the next store to check in on, as it normally gets console in on a Friday from around 12pm EST. Be sure to check in with Amazon as well. As proven by last week’s Saturday drop, it could magic up PS5 deals at any moment. The same is true for Amazon UK, which also got a PS5 restock earlier today.

In the meantime, keep half an eye on Twitter trends and stock trackers. They’re a good early warning system when it comes to PS5 stock.

PS5 restock deals

Amazon PS5 restock | Could appear at any time
Although there hadn’t been a single squeak out of Amazon about a PS5 restock for months, it suddenly surprised us all with a dropp over the weekend. That means you need to be watching it like a hawk – you never know when you might get lucky. Check in every now and then to see what the situation is.
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Walmart PS5 restock | Possibly Thursday, April 29 (from 3pm EST)
Walmart has been pretty consistent so far when it comes to a PS5 restock, so we’re hopeful that it’ll pull the same trick again today. Watch the site from about mid-afternoon, around 3pm EST.
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Best Buy PS5 restock | Possibly Friday, April 30 (12pm – 3pm EST)
If a Best Buy PS5 restock ends up happening this week, we expect it to be Friday. The retailer usually offered consoles at the end of each week between 12pm and 3pm EST. It hasn’t happened for a while, though, so this one is way overdue. Fingers crossed, everyone!
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PS5 restock – retailers to check

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