PS5 patents AI that mimics player behavior, takes over controller

Sony Interactive Entertainment now has a new PS5 patent. In theory, it involves the use of AI that learns a gamer’s playing style.

Sony has repeatedly hinted that they want to incorporate AI technology into PS5. Even before the release of the new console, they already filed for several patents that involve artificial intelligence.

These filings have become pieces of evidence that the company is “toying with the idea” of AI’s incorporation into its consoles. While these all remain in theories, a newly submitted patent has caught the attention of the public.

Comic Book reported that it has something to do with AI technology, taking over for players to play the games for them. Segment Next reportedly discovered the patent. It carries the title “Automated Artificial Intelligence (AI) Control Mode For Playing Specific Tasks During Gaming Applications.”

About the PS5 patent

Based on the outline, the AI is said to learn the player’s gaming style. When initiated, the technology would be able to take over and play the game for the players.

The report continued that the application is not only limited to single-player games. It will also be available for multiplayer titles. Although it is a new and “strange concept,” it is not reportedly “completely unprecedented.”

The same publication referenced the upcoming Ace Attorney title for PlayStation 4. It has an option, allowing players to “watch the story play out,” adding that the game “makes all the correct choices.”

While this does not involve AI in its entirety, reports believe that this is a similar idea but with a more evolved concept.

The pros and cons

Following the headlines, Laptop Mag released a similar report detailing the possible yields and results. As asserted, the reported AI technology for PS5 may produce “controversial” output.

Some of the potential issues listed include the authenticity of the players’ skills, especially when the titles are about winning competitions and matches. But, despite this, the publication pointed out that the technology may become useful, as well, and even groundbreaking.

The application of the said patent is said to be ideal for disabled players and gamers. It will be a form of assistance, particularly when they find themselves “unable to proceed past demanding portions” in a game.

In the end, there are still a lot of questions regarding the application of the theory in PS5 and Sony’s potential future consoles. Moreover, a granted patent application does not reportedly equate to the immediate fruition of the technology. As emphasized, many companies today utilize patent filings for documentation. This is a way for them to “lock down ideas” that they may explore in the future.

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