PS5 restock – what are the chances for this week?

If you’re hunting for a PS5 restock this week (and let’s not kid ourselves, who isn’t?), things are looking positive. Well, sort of. The chances of a console drop are pretty good, but they’re becoming increasingly erratic – which is bad. Amazon offered deals at 3am EST last Saturday, for example, while Sony could be providing consoles as early as Tuesday, April 27. However, we do have a solid idea of when some stores will be offering stock.

To begin with, there’s a lot of buzz about Target getting a PS5 restock this Wednesday or Thursday. Similarly, Best Buy tends to get consoles in on Fridays while Walmart goes on a Thursday. As for the UK, European Amazon  stores have been getting plenty of stock over the last few weeks so it stands to reason that Amazon UK will follow soon (probably early in the morning, from around 7am GMT).

What about today, Monday April 26? Usually we’d suggest taking it easy because PS5 restock deals tend to drop from Tuesday onward, but the appearance of consoles over the weekend – which used to be a deals ceasefire for retailers – has proven that it can happen at any time, even if that time is ridiculous. As such, the only way of giving yourself a fair chance would be to stay vigilant and keep checking those stores when you can. Be sure to watch for Twitter trends, too. They’re a good early warning for possible PS5 stock.

For precise details on when we last saw a PS5 restock and when it could happen again, read on.

PS5 restock deals

Amazon PS5 restock | Could appear at any time
We hadn’t heard a peep out of Amazon for weeks when it came to a PS5 restock, so it suddenly dropping consoles at 3am EST on a Saturday took us by surprise to say the least. With that in mind, we’d recommend checking on it occasionally and seeing if you get lucky.
View Deal

Walmart PS5 restock | Possibly Thursday, April 29 (from 3pm EST)
Fortunately, Walmart is fairly consistent in terms of its PS5 restock dates – it normally offers consoles on a Thursday. Accordingly, head right on over to their site near the end of the week at around mid-afternoon.View Deal

PS5 restock – retailers to check

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