Sci-Fi Action-Platformer Blackwind headed to PS5 and PS4

Drakkar Dev and Blowfish Studios have announced science-fiction action-platformer, Blackwind, for the PlayStation 5 and 4 among other platforms. It’ll release in Q4 2021.

Blackwind is a beautiful and violent send-up to sci-fi classics that has something for everyone,” Drakkar Dev said in a press release. “We hope you’ll join the fight and defeat the Raknos menace when Blackwind arrives on consoles and PC later this year.”

The action takes place on planet Medusa-42, where humans come under attack from an alien species called Raknos. An unlikely hero leads the charge against Raknos: a teenager named James Hawkins, who has no combat training. As James, players must help to defeat Raknos, save the colony, and find his father.

Blackwind comes with various difficulty options and the ability to link up with a friend via local co-op. An official overview is as follows:

Suit up and charge into the fray, utilizing melee strikes, ranged fire, and powerful special attacks to cut through the alien insectoids. Grow Hawkins from a rookie to a seasoned warrior, upgrading the Battle Frame’s skills across three branching paths. Turn the suit into a death machine by performing energy blade slashes before dashing away from danger and launching missiles at incoming enemies, or use special powers to finish off any stragglers. Launch your trusty drone to access areas much too small for the Battle Frame’s imposing frame to reach.

Check out a trailer below.

Blackwind will cost $19.99. It’ll support English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Russian.

We’ll update our readers when a release date is announced.

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