Skyforge Update Optimizes Game For Xbox Series S|X

A new update intended to make full use of the latest generation of Xbox consoles has come to Skyforge. Addressing Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X, the update improves the game’s graphics and supporting of 1080p HD on both consoles. It also adds 4k resolution support for the Series X. Other improvements for both consoles also include improved shadow quality, increased draw distance, and improved animation for distant objects.

Another benefit players on the newer consoles may find will be the game’s loading times. According to the announcement on the Skyforge site, players on the Series X may have up to 150% faster loading times than those on the Xbox One S. They do note, however, those speeds may vary. That said, the game does feature cross-generational play, so when players are ready to update to the new system, they won’t have any problems with accessing their account.

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