Solving puzzles as a spy duo in Operation: Tango is fun, but it needs to up the suspense

Why is the computer guy always the annoying one? You know how it goes—the cool operative goes into the vault, slithers through a laser grid and avoids the pressure-sensitive floor while the sarcastic nerd sits at a computer hacking into the cameras and ragging on the poor cybersecurity. Operation: Tango offers an opportunity to reverse that movie stereotype or live it yourself. It’s a two-player spy game where one person controls a special agent and the other controls a hacker, and you have to use voice chat to crack puzzles (and vaults) as a team.

It’s a fun concept, but can Operation: Tango hack it? (Sorry—annoying computer guy here, remember.) We sent two operatives into a preview of Operation: Tango’s first two levels to see if the globetrotting spy life is exciting as it sounds.

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