Sony Working On New PS5 Model As Filed Patent Suggests

The PS5 is still in shortage, with PS fans snatching it up from numerous retailers. However, Sony recently registered a patent indicating that a new design is on the way.

Countless PS console fans may be ecstatic at the possibility of a new PS5 design being in development so soon. Although it may not be significantly different from the standard PS5. As stated in the Sony patent, the only obvious difference to this version of PS5 is the WiFi component within the console.

The AW-XM501 WiFi unit will replace the J20H100 WiFi in the PS5 variant currently on the market. This implies that the new design will basically modify the base PS5. Similar to how the red-box Nintendo Switch updated the initial model discreetly.

Sony’s latest PS5 patent, as reported by analyst Roberto Serrano, was submitted on the 26th of April. Serrano stated on Twitter that the Sony patent was formally certified on the 23rd of May, implying that a revamped PS5 design is already in development.

5GHz Signal

Many PS fans may be perplexed as to why the latest unit will lower peak output in a new PS5. But it does so on routers with a 5GHz transmitter.

On a 5GHz signal, the original PS5 model received a maximum antenna gain of 5.0/3.5dBi, while the reworked PS5 concept received a maximum of 6.0/4.5dBi. This could minimize ping and latency for players with routers that support 5GHz signals, but this is yet to be confirmed, so users of the new PS5 version may not notice the change.

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