Sony’s Playstation app hits 100 million installs amid PS5 shortage

Even though people still can’t buy Sony’s new Playstation 5 console hassle-free, it seems that the Playstation app is enjoying good times on the Google Play Store. Sony’s PS4 and PS5 mobile companion has reached a certain milestone – 100 million installs.

Maybe people are just waiting for the PS5 to get back in stock, although it’s much more likely that peak to be attributed to PS4 users. After the official launch of the PS5 console, PS4 games have started to receive big discounts on a regular basis.

The Playstation Android app gives people easy access to the Playstation Store and the ability to act fast on any available deal. It’s a useful app, even though the latest redesign got Playstation fans angry to the point where Sony had to reintroduce the old wishlist feature.You can download the Playstation app on Google Play Store for free, and while you wait for the PS5 restock, be sure to check out our PlayStation 5 restock sales at Amazon, Walmart, GameStop, or Target article and click at will when the time comes.

Oh, you can also get the iPhone version of the Playstation app from the App Store. Although there’s no information on installs, the iOS app has a much higher rating than its Android counterpart.

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