XBox One

Anna’s Quest – Review (Xbox)

German publishers Daedalic Entertainment are still carrying the torch for point-and-click-style graphic adventures. As someone who queued up for LucasArts releases in the ‘90s, it puts a warm feeling in my belly. From their defining […]

PC Games

Old World – Review

I’m 100 turns in, and I’ve just brokered peace with a tribal group that inhabits a camp near my lands. After decades of rising discontent, rebel groups are forming in my capital and pillaging the […]

PC Games

Scarlet Nexus – Review (PC)

What is it? An action RPG featuring psionic powers and a whole lot of dating sim trappings. Expect to pay: $60/£40 Developer: Bandai Namco Publisher: Bandai Namco Reviewed on: Windows 10, GeForce GTX 1070, Intel […]